Shoebox Recipe

A FAMILY Shoebox Recipe

The recipe below can be used as a guideline to assembling your shoe box toiletry kit(s).   Items can be varied depending on the type of kit you make.  Just be sure the basic hygiene items are included in each kit and then add any extras.  Fill a shoe box with:

  • 1 magazine/reading material (i.e. Reader’s Digest)
  • 1 month’s supply women’s sanitary items (10-12 items)
  • 1 bottle shampoo (28oz+)
  • 1 bottle hair conditioner (28oz+)
  • 1 shaving cream
  • 1 toothpaste (6oz+)
  • 2 adult toothbrushes
  • 3 children toothbrushes
  • 2 deodorants (man’s & woman’s)
  • 1 large bar soap (4oz+ in zip lock bag)
  • 1 comb or hair brush
  • 4 man’s razors
  • 1 woman’s razor
  • 1 body lotion (4oz+)
  • 1 pocket-size packet facial tissues
  • 2 pair new socks (man’s & woman’s)
  • 1 wash cloth (new or clean used)
  • 1 vanity kit (i.e. cotton swabs, band-aids, nail file/clipper)
  • 1 mending/sewing kit

Optional ingredients if available:

  • 1 packet laundry soap
  • 1 shower cap
  • 1 bath/shower gel
  • 1 small notebook and pen
  • stationery with stamped envelopes
  • other misc grooming items for men or women

Place a label on the lid of each shoe box to identify it as a kit for a MAN, WOMAN, FAMILY or WOMAN with CHILDREN.  The final step is to place a rubber band around the box to hold the lid on and contents in.  Please vary above items accordingly if assembling a single man, single woman, or woman with children toiletry kit.